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Kulche Badami (Almond cookies)

Kulche Badami (Afghan Almond cookies)

Average Rating: (4 / 5)

Kulche Badami are one of the most well known Afghan cookies.  They are easily identified because of their cracked surface. They ...

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Ab-e-dandaan Cookies

Kolche Ab-e-Dandaan (melt in your mouth cookies)

Average Rating: (3.5 / 5)

These melt in your mouth cookies are soft on the outside with a bite on the inside. They are very ...

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Gosh-e-Feel (Elephant Ear Pastries)

Average Rating: (3.8 / 5)

Gosh-e-Feel is an Afghani sweet, made by shaping dough into a gosh (ear) shape. Garnished with caster sugar and green ...

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