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Traditional Afghan cooking gets its rich flavor from using large amounts of oil in some dishes, but where possible, you can adjust the amount of oil for your own taste as well. Afghan food can be low in fat and still delicious.

Afghan cooking takes practice and patience. Not too many dishes can be prepared in a rush. The quarma’take tome but being organized saves a lot of time. The ingredients can be tempered with to suit individual tastes. Some of Afghan recipe measurements might be too much or not enough depending on the individual. You can play with measurements and put in what you think is enough. So don’t be afraid. After a fey times of cooking, you will strike a perfect balance and be able to put in a little bit of this and a pinch of that. Although experienced Afghan cooks typically don’t use measuring instrumentes in their cooking.


  • Flying large quantities of sliced onions ahead of time and freezing it saves a lot of time in dishes such as quarma, aush, kitchiree quroot and palau. You can use what you need as you need it. Store brought fried onions can also be used as a substitute
  • Preparing the quarma base (yakhnee) in advance and storing in the freezer can save you time. You can thaw out what you need to make various quarma recipes in no time.
  • Preparing large quantities of various quarma dishes and storing in the freezer comes in very handy for those occassions when you are short on time or have unexpected quests dropping by as in common in the Afghan culture.
  • Pressure cookers are fantastic in reducing cooking time for dishes such as Shoula, Kitchiree Quroot, Quarma and soup.

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